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Promotes Peak Athletic Performance

Increases Mobility & Stability

Relieves Chronic Pain

Improves Joint Health
Improves Posture & Alignment

Helps Scoliosis / Arthritis / Other Chronic Conditions 




Allison is Indy’s only Level 4 Certified ELODA Trainer.  An ELDOA class incorporates targeted abdominal strengthening exercises, deep myofascial stretching, and spine/joint-specific ELDOAs to reduce pain and increase mobility. "As the ELDOA “create” space, there is an improvement in joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, a reduction of pain, spinal disc rehydration, improved posture, and a sense of well being and awareness." (


This course is crafted to each individual to provide an appropriate combination of core strength exercise and targeted stretch.  The goal is always to provide increased metabolic rate, improved muscle tone and improved flexibility.


Crafted in boot camp style training, this cross-training course is designed to provide the best combination of cardio, strength and core offering targeted heart rate training and wide-range muscle work. This type of course is proven to increase muscle mass, burn calories and see results in the shortest amount of time.

Allison is a rare find.  A combination of stretching, knowledge and her ELDOA technique provides something very few can.  Most doctors and therapists dont have her vast knowledge of how the different ligaments and muscles attach and how one affects the other.  For anyone preparing for a certain athletic endeavor, annoyed by aches and pains or just dont understand why you are hurting in a certain area Allison is your Answer!

Mike Deck


I have been doing ELDOA twice a week with Allison for 2 years, and the positive effects on my physical wellbeing have been excellent. Although I also exercise regularly, ELDOA has done wonders for my posture, and for my overall joint function.  I definitely plan to stay with it.

I also had some SomaTherapy sessions with Allison to address persistent pain, with some functional limitation, in my right biceps.  I had tried Physical

Therapy, but the results were not sustained. Allison offered to help when I mentioned this to her, and the results were extremely gratifying.  The pain

subsided, the functionality improved, and the relief is still there 4 months later.

I am an Orthodontist, and know a thing or two about anatomy and joint function.  So, I can tell you that this lady knows her stuff about both!

Anoop Sondhi

After 2+ years of pain and limited range of motion after I broke my right shoulder, I scheduled a session with Allison for hands-on SomaTherapy work.  The results were amazing!  After one session, I was almost pain-free, and able to move my right arm much more easily.  I had a second session 2 weeks later and saw more results and what is truly amazing to me is that the results last!  Unlike previous attempts to use massage therapy or chiropractic therapy that only lasted a day or two, I'm now 6 weeks past that last treatment and still feel great.  I highly recommend these treatments for any chronic pain!


Kim Biggerstaff


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